Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Twenty-Seventh Tale: Inspiration

Many times in my life I think about my place in this world, as I'm sure many of you also do.  I think about what my purpose is, what the point is of my being here on this planet.  Sometimes, I think about the combination of things I've done, my life up to this point, and I think, "Where has it all gotten me?", and, "Who cares what I've done?" Well, of course the answers are, "here", and "some people", but when I'm thinking existentially (as when most of us do), I don't see those simple truths.  It often seems to me like I haven't done anything noteworthy or good for others.

What do we all do when we start feeling this way?  We tend to compare ourselves to others, seeing what we lack and using it to feel more negatively about ourselves.  The fact is, for me, there are many people in this world who I am inspired by, who have qualities I would love to emulate.  Some of them are famous, but most of them are people who are near and dear to me.  I think the fact that I am so impacted and inspired by these people gives me hope that I may, one day, have the potential to inspire others, too.  

So, here's what I'm gonna do:  Instead of comparing myself to someone in a negative light, I'm going to put the spotlight on one of the people that inspires me as often as possible.  I would say that I will make it a regular thing, but it IS me so predictability when it comes to blogging is not my thing.  Let's just say, once in a while, someone will get the pleasure of hearing about how awesome I think they are, and that's that.  Then, I'm going to extract what it is I can truly learn from that person, after I've sung their praises... :) Welp, here I go!   

Today's inspiring friend is: 

Kyle Garrett Griffiths

Kyle and I met in Seoul, South Korea, through our mutual friend Mary Harvey.  Kyle came to replace me at the end of my contract, so he was training to take over my kindergarten class.  My first impression of Kyle was that he was a little shy, but his eyes were warm and kind.  I could tell there was something deep and genuine behind his smile.  Boy, was I right.

The more I got to know Kyle, I found out that he cares so deeply about learning, about self-improvement and just interacting with the world.  I have never met someone who is so INVOLVED in life, all the time, and is such an explorer in so many ways...and I so appreciate that about Kyle.  That is what inspires me most about him.  He's a traveler, an adventurer: one minute he's in Korea, the next in Las Vegas.  He's totally open to new experiences (or at least that's what it looks like to me). :)  

Kyle is creative, and he's seriously awesome at everything he does.  I'm constantly amazed at his beautiful and interesting photographs he puts online through Instagram, and his snippets of videos of him playing guitar and singing songs he's written.  He cares about health and fitness and is happy to share running tips with anyone who will ask; he even braved the Korean flooding last monsoon season ;).  Oh, AND he started a blog about cool is that?!

More than anything, Kyle is just such a good person.  He has the best heart, and it's his heart that you can see in everything he does.  Maybe that's why he's so good at everything.  

I love that there are people in my life who are examples, just by being themselves.  I truly feel blessed just knowing a person like Kyle. 

So, what kind of inspiration can I take from Kyle?

*Explore my creativity more
*Overcome any fear of sharing that creativity with others
*Don't be afraid to go after any vision I have, as long as my heart is in it
*Think with my heart, first and foremost

Lots of great lessons to be learned today.  I thank the Universe that Kyle is in my life, and send him Light and blessings!!!!! :)

Much Love,
Me <3


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