Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Twenty-First Tale: Take a Chance, Take a Chance, Take a Chance...:)

As I live my life here every day, I can't help but think what an amazing life I have led thus far, and what an amazing life I continue to lead. I thank God, Spirit, the Universe, the amazing Universal Force that is so incredibly good to me...whatever label you want to slap on it. I am being taken care of, forever and always.

Let's list the blessings...first, I am truly living; I feel alive. I am in a different country, and have (with the help of many others) been able to prove to myself that I am confident enough to live on my own in another country and make it work-including such things as finding a job, a place to live, making my own money, and being able to teach ESL to adults (which I never thought I could do before).

I continue to be surrounded by incredible, loving people, who support me through all of this. I mean, how many people have a family that is so unselfish and supportive that they sit by and encourage their child to travel halfway across the world, even when it's incredibly hard for them to have that child away?

Then, there are my friends, who happily listen to my random freak-outs about where I'm going to be next or what I'm going to do, offering their wisdom, advice, love, and patience. Mind you, these are friends who are located in different places all across the globe. How cool is that?

So, on that note, things here are really great. I got a full-time job teaching in Oxford, where I am currently, and had been working here for the last two weeks when I was offered another job teaching full-time in Madrid. I had been feeling really uneasy the last couple of weeks about staying in England...even though the opportunity was amazing, and it certainly didn't look bad on the resume, I still felt that something was missing. I took the job offer as a sign from the universe that Madrid was still an option, and perhaps just what I needed. After a hard week of hemming and hawing over the options, I decided that I would take a chance.

In two weeks, I'm headed to Madrid to start yet another ESL adventure. I have secured a room in a flat already rented by my friend Caitlyn, and I'm really excited to be living with her (and the one other flatmate, a 35 year old man from Northern Spain named Oscar who is apparently very nice and easy to live with). I have a little over two weeks before I start the job to explore the city and settle into the new place, and just relax and mentally prepare. I feel that's a great idea before this transition!

England has been a lot of fun. I've met really great people at my job, and I am sad in a lot of ways to leave. This current job has given me the confidence to start my new one...so, very grateful to have had that experience. When I first started I was terrified to teach grammar, but I have to say I've been learning as I've gone along and it's been great. I currently teach adults from all over the world, so it will be a bit sad to not have that crazy mix of students and not be able to discuss cross-cultural differences (which has been really wonderful at this job!). However, I am sure there will be benefits to teaching the new students as well, just have to find that out once I start teaching.

The weather here feels like fall already, so it will be very strange to go from the cool air to the very hot and humid. However, weather in the winter in Madrid I'm sure will be much more pleasant than the weather in England...!

Anyway...wish me luck all, I'm so grateful to have you in my life...keep the positive energy coming my way! <3

Much, much love,
Anna :) <3


  1. Hi Anna,

    Congrats for the job ! It's a pleasure to see positive people finding their way here to Madrid.

    Hope you settle well here !


  2. Merci Pierre, je ne l'ai pa vu cette poste! I don't know why I wasn't notified. Anyway, tu es en chine maintenant, ou a Madrid? Tu viens d'ou?